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Awesome Alpha
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Hi, my name is Alpha and a lot of people who know me think I’m “awesome!” Here are some things that I’ve heard said about me that I think makes me “awesome.” I love going on walks walking next to you brushing my head against your hand from time to time giving you gentle kisses to thank you. If I am walking with another dog and somehow get ahead, I turn around and wait for the other dog to catch up like a gentleman. One more thing about walks is that I’m sometimes called “Inspector Alpha” because I am so curious about my world and like to “check out” a lot of trees, bushes, and poles along the route. I’ve also overheard people say that I have soft brown eyes which melt their hearts. On top of all of that, I am a fun and loving pup. I have a blue stuffed toy rabbit which I love to play with and can do tricks with tossing and catching him in midair! I’m a little shy when I first meet people but before long I am sharing my love and eager to be loved in return. If you’re looking for one awesome pup to bring fun and love into your family, “Awesome Alpha” is the pup for you!