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Terrific Toby
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Hi, My name is Toby. I’m a happy boy in my new foster home. Learning all the rules of what it’s like to live in a house. Stairs are really weird. I can go up but am a little afraid of going down them. I can jump out of a car but getting in is harder.
Going outside is a real treat. I sniffed every bush, tree and blade of grass before taking off running with those other two greyhounds that live here. I get along with them just fine. We are all friends. Sometimes they leave with my foster mom, but I am okay with them gone. Oh, there is also a cat in this house. She likes to play with me. I sometimes get a little rough, and she goes to her safe spot. But then later comes out and lays on the floor next to me. So I guess I’m not too rough with her.
There is also a box with people in it. I tried to follow the people with my nose but they moved around too fast. Foster mom calls it a TV. I think there are other dogs in the house that won’t play with me. They hide in the mirror, fireplace door and even that TV (until it’s turned on and they go away).
I like to go on walks. My foster mom says I lean on her as I walk. She laughs and says she’s afraid she is going to fall over.
I’m learning the rules. I stand at the back door to go outside and potty, chew on toys instead of pillows, chew on bones instead of furniture, and learning to not be so greedy with treats and food. I used to want the other dogs food and treats but now I just eat my own. I’m staying off the couch and bed. That’s fine with me, I have 3 dog beds to choose from.
I do follow my foster mom around and like to be in the same room she is, but so do those other dogs. I am a really sweet happy boy. I know because my foster mom says so.
I would love to check out your home.