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Learn More About Our Senior and Special-Needs Sighthounds

Many of you know the joy and rewards of adopting a Senior or “Special-needs” dog. KC REGAP and every rescue group and shelter in the world watch with sad hearts as our older and “special” fur-babies are overlooked or passed by because people are fearful of losing them too soon or the extra work and expenses that may go into their care. Those of us that have taken these kids into our hearts and homes know the heartwarming thrill that we receive from watching them “bloom and thrive” with the knowledge that we were able to provide them with the love and security that they deserve after the lives so many of them experienced and somehow survived. Observing the miracles and resilience of these amazing dogs is such a gift!

Having adopted so many Seniors and Special needs pups and seeing the success stories, it is hard to delineate a special story. From Grey’s with untreated severely broken legs, babies with spinal injuries as a result of being “T-boned,” to 10-12 year olds that lived in confined, too small spaces that did not allow them to stand up straight. We have seen and experienced amazing recoveries and rebounds. While their lives before rescue sound horrific and insurmountable, with love, patience, and care, joyous times have been shared by all!

While you may not have them as long as you would hope, there are no guarantees when adopting a young dog as to how long they will be with you. My late husband and I adopted our 1st Greyhound, Abbie, when she was just 2 1/2 years old. She only lived until she was 4 years old, yet in that brief time she made a tremendous impact on our lives. Because of Abbie, KC REGAP was established. She was the inspiration and motivation for rescuing thousands of Greyhounds and Lurchers that were subsequently placed into loving homes. Over the years many of our adoptees have regularly shared how these precious babies changed their lives forever (including mine)!

The knowledge, that for the last years of a Senior’s life, you have given them a comfortable, loving, and happy home is a honor and a prize! Or the gift of caring for a “special-needs” pup where you can experience their resilience and ability to adapt, is nothing short of amazing! The fact is you may need to make some changes in your life, but isn’t that what we do when we take on partners, spouses, children, new jobs, or a new home? Changes are part of life and the rewards and challenges that come with those commitments can be so awesome!

Are you thinking of adopting your 1st Sighthound, your 2nd, 3rd or more? I am always amazed at how easily a Senior adapts to home life and how the old adage of “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is absolutely NOT TRUE!! They learn fast and are so willing to please you and to be loved. Please consider meeting and talking with our foster families and volunteers about these incredible fur-babies and find out about all they have to offer. You will never regret sharing your lives with them! In turn they gift you with their unconditional love!

Cher Oliver and ”Abbie” the late and Greytest Greyhound (The KC REGAP Matriarch)

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