A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Adoption Events

KCREGAP Meet & Greets

Please check Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date information on Meet & Greets.

Request a Pup

If there is a particular adoptable you are really interested in and would like a chance to meet and spend some quality time with, let us know which adoptable pup, and which “Meet and Greet” and date you would be able to be attend. We will need at least a 2 day notice to try and make arrangements. We cannot guarantee a meeting can be arranged every time, but we will certainly do our best. If you are willing to provide us with contact information, we will do our best to confirm ahead of time whether the adoptable you have requested will be at the specified “Meet and Greet.” Information on KCREGAP’s Facebook page is constantly updated as to which adoptable pups are scheduled for which “Meet and Greets.” Please understand that requesting to meet a pup at the “Meet and Greet” does not necessarily mean that this particular pup will be available once you’re through the adoption process and ready to adopt. For more information on the adoption process, please go to the KCREGAP website. However, we always have several adorable pups available and new pups coming in frequently. We are confident we can help you find an incredible pup who will add love and fun to your family. If you would like to request a pup for a “Meet and Greet” please email: information@kcregap.org

Keep an eye on our website calendar for upcoming events, including fundraisers and greyhound meet & greet events.