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Dante & Jacquie
10 January 2016

Dante Brings Smiles

I have to share a story….
I have a client that was placed in hospice care this week. She is a huge animal lover & Great Pyrenees rescuer. I took Dante with me to see her this morning. I did not even think about revolving doors & elevators because I had never visited North Care Hospice. Dante was confused & a little nervous, but he walked through the revolving doors & went up the elevator with no problems! We walked into her room & I led Dante over to her bed. He laid his head next to her & let me place her hand on his head & stroke him. He was a perfect. On our way out & down the hall, we had multiple families wave us into their rooms to see Dante!
In a place and at a time that is so dark, the worst it can be, Dante brought so many smiles so so many people!!!!
Jacquie Means & Dante