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Awesome Alek

Dog Info

Age 16 months
Sex Male
Other Pets? cat friendly


Alek’s personality shines through his expressive ears— they move together and individually as an adorable perky pair! He gets along well with his foster families cats. He would like to be friends with the cats if they would just let him.

Alek has a genetic condition that is causing him to go blind slowly called progressive, retinal, atrophy or PRA. His vision is currently estimated to be around 20% of normal. When he was first brought into his foster home, he learned the layout quickly! He walks well on the leash and isn’t easily startled with passing cars.

Alek’s inquisitive nature combined with his limited sight sometimes brings him into his foster brother’s personal space. They have learned to vocalize when he approaches. This is one of the ways the other dogs in the house have learned to adopt to a new dog with sight issues. His current foster family has a dog with this same condition and it causes basically no problems. We don’t know yet if he needs a canine companion in his new home.

Alek is a young dog and he deserves to have a happy long life in a loving home. He enjoys all the same things that other greyhounds love, including soft beds, long naps zoomies in the backyard and walks. Do you have room in your heart for this loving boy to join your family?

We adopt within 3 hours of Kansas City.