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Adorable Angel
  • Angel
  • Angel


This sweet girl just might be heaven-sent! Petite little Angel loves her humans, big and small. She’s a bit shy at first, perhaps trying to determine the best way to be a blessing, but once she warms up to you, you’ll never be alone! She wants to be wherever you are, and nothing makes her tail wag more than making you happy–except maybe squeaky toys but hey–can you blame her? Toys are FUN!

When she’s not napping on her cloud (some people see a doggie bed), she’s following you around like the guardian angel she aspires to be. She’ll lean on you and take as many pets as you’re willing to give her while keeping you company. She’s learning how to sit and walk on a leash, and already knows how to take the stairs. Could she be getting ready to take the stairway to her heavenly forever home?