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Awesome Autumn

Dog Info

Age 5 years
Sex Female
Other Pets? other dog friendly


My name is Autumn.  I’m a petite girl with delicate features and soft, sleek red fur.  My foster parents say I have a mane on the back of my neck that looks a mohawk: Très chic!  
I enjoy meeting other dogs and also like making new human friends. When I go outside to potty, I sometimes like to do a few zoomies around the backyard; now that I’m getting the hang of walking on a leash, I also appreciate a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood. But my favorite activity is just hanging out with my foster parents and foster dog brother. That said, I’m quite content keeping my own company, and can happily spend time by myself daydreaming and snoozing from the comfort of a soft bed. Autumn can be a little cautious when she encounters people and events that are new to her. With exposure and experience she overcomes her initial caution and shows her true colors.
 I don’t know exactly what the word “habits” means, but my foster parents say they haven’t seen me show any bad ones. They describe me as beautiful, sweet, quiet, well-mannered, gentle, loving, and eager to please.  Are these qualities you’re looking for in a canine companion? If so, perhaps we should meet and see if we truly have a match made in heaven.
We adopt within 3 hours of Kansas City.