A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Amazing Avatar

Dog Info

Age 4
Sex male


Hi!!! My name is Avatar…

I am a stunning blue fawn male with amber eyes that just melt your heart! I am also a BIG teddy bear that loves to cuddle,snuggle, and follow you everywhere!!! I absolutely LOVE people and everyone seems to love me!!! I am beautiful inside and out (that’s what my foster Mom tells me all the time:) You may have heard my name was Rip, but I was given my new name because I look like a “Greyhound Avatar”!!! I am a big, studly guy!!!

I have been in foster for a number of months now and have learned house rules very well. I am housebroken, love watching TV, and mostly hanging out with my human and canine pack!!
Some of my pleasures include:
-Leisurely walks (I am not fond of the heat right now…so my walks have been shortened and take place in the mornings or evenings….as is the case with most Greyhounds)
-Zoomies in the yard
-Eating and getting treats!!! (Yummo!!!)
-Going for rides in the van
-Taking long naps (preferably by your side or on a soft dog bed located as close to you as possible)

There is nothing I like more than being with my humans (although I do enjoy and need the company of other canines). I do not have a dominant or aggressive bone in my body….I get along well with my foster siblings and am submissive to them. I am a “follower” and they give me my security.

My foster parents say that I am a “rock star”!!! I am smart, very handsome, charismatic, sing beautifully, and rock the most lovely fur coat:):)

I am ready to go to my ” forever home” and make some lucky person/persons a wonderful companion! I have so much love, attention, and affection to give!!!

Here are a few of my requirements:

-Minimum 4′ fence

– Another canine companion (no small dogs, cats, birds, or small creatures:)

– Humans that don’t work away from home more than 4-5 hours

-No small children…I am just too big and sometimes don’t realize my size, especially when I get excited!!