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Handsome Blitz
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Dog Info


Hi. I’m Blitz!

Let me tell you a bit about myself.
I’m shy when I’m in unfamiliar places, so if we meet, I might seem pretty timid to you, but really I’m a sweet, social, happy, and gentle grey.
I’m living in a foster home, learning about house rules, and enjoying being with a family. When I first arrived here I was afraid of just about every new thing I encountered. I did not know what to make of these people and this place. The big, wide-open spaces of the back yard made me nervous. I spent most of my first few days here in a bed that felt safe. Luckily for me, I have a calm, senior whippet as a foster brother. He happily let me cuddle up to him.
With each passing day I feel more comfortable. Now I love going in the back yard. I bark to let the other neighborhood dogs know I’m outside and I run around, chasing my greyhound foster sister. I mostly let my foster family know when I need to go out and I rarely have an accident inside now.
Since I’ve gotten to know my foster family, I love being around them. When they wake up in the morning I greet them with a playful bark and run around the bed until someone gives me a good ear rub. I’m so happy when they get home at the end of the day and I follow them around the house wagging my tail, just because I like being around them.
Some other things about me:

· I love walks. I take in all the sights and don’t pull on my leash.

· I like riding in the car. I’m happy to lie down in the back and just relax until we arrive at our destination.

· I like chewing and playing with toys.

· I like kids and dogs. I let the kid in my house lay his head on me, like I’m a pillow. I’ve spent some time with smaller dogs and I’m gentle with them.
I’m looking for a patient and kind people to adopt me. My foster family tells me that I’m going to be a wonderful pet for someone. A new home will seem scary to me at first…but if you are patient, gentle, kind, and understanding I know that I’ll start opening up to you and I will love my forever home.