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Is Celia Your Dream Girl?
Celia Greyhound for Adoption

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Stop! In the name of love…Celia’s the dream girl you’ve been looking for. This sweetie wants to be near you and accept all love you have to give. What’s that you say? Your hands are busy and aren’t free for petting? That’s okay, she’s perfectly happy to curl up nearby and drift off into dreamland, especially if there’s a pillow to snuggle with! When she’s not dreaming, you’ll soon learn Celia is very smart and curious. Pique her interest, her ears shoot straight up and stay in radar mode until she’s assessed the situation. She’s just discovering her playful side – loves walks, enjoys a romp in the yard with her foster brothers! This bright girl is great with house rules. Dreaming of someone to brighten your days and shower you with love? Your search over! You’ll be supremely happy you found Celia!