A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Cutie Connor


    I am a handsome dark boy with light amber eyes. I was a little scared of people and noises at first, but now I am enjoying my very own space and a big soft bed. I am still looking around and learning about all the dog stuff.

    I am loving life, walks, rubs, and all the attention I am getting from my foster family. I love to run in the backyard with my greyhound foster brother, Titan. He is taller than me and is teaching me how to have fun and enjoy the love of humans. Don’t tell anyone, but he thinks he is a little lap dog.

    I have just been introduced to toys, and they look interesting, but I am still not quite sure what to do with them. I just know they make a squeaky noise when I chew them.

    I am working on how to tell my foster mom that it’s time for me to go outside to do my business, but I have learned that every time I go, I make her very happy. I am learning about these things called treats, they are so yummy. I know that I can get them whenever I do a good job by going potty outside and I come in the house when called. When my foster mom calls me back in, I get excited and start wagging my tail nonstop.

    I love to nap but I also enjoy afternoon walks around the neighborhood and visits to the dog park. Unlike my foster brother, I am really good at car rides. I just sit and enjoy them. We get a lot of attention when we are together on our afternoon walks, people always comment on how handsome we are. I am excited to meet you and can’t wait to have my forever family.