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Amazing Emma
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  • Emma


I’m wee but mighty at just 7 months old and I’m beyond excited to introduce myself to you. My name is Emma and I’m looking for my forever family. Are you right for me? Let’s see.
First things first–do you have toys? I love, love, love my toys and I like to play tug-of-war and chase. My favorite toy is my rubber chicken. It feels so good to chomp on it and make squeaky noises of joy while I run around the backyard like a chicken with its head cut off. HAHAHA. See what I did there? My foster mom loves it because when I’m done running, I like to take a long nap.
Do you like to nap? I hope so because one of my other favorite things is napping with my furry brothers and sisters. When they need space, I cuddle with my humans. Makes no difference to me, as long as someone is napping nearby.
In addition to playing and napping, I love helping my foster mom in her garden, especially on sunny days. Most of the time, I just lounge in the sunbeams but sometimes I use my puppy-powered paws to help with the digging.
And when my foster dad is working, I like to provide him with a soothing soundtrack of rooing and more rooing. I just love to sing. He rewards me with pets and kisses. I love my foster parents and promise to love my forever parents just as much, if not more.
Finally, do you have other fur babies like me? I’m going to need a big brother or big sister to show me the ropes and help me be the best dog I can be. But no cats or smaller animals, please. I tend to play hard and love hard so I’ll need pups and humans who can keep up with me. Is that you?