A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Dog Info

Age 7
Sex Male
Other Pets? Dogs Only


This story is about a sweet boy who deserves to live every moment to his fullest. Meet Gunner, a 7-year-old greyhound mix who has stolen the hearts of so many. He was a former coyote hunting dog ready for retirement from that life, so when KCREGAP was asked to find a loving home for him, we immediately agreed.

After Gunner arrived it was noticed by REGAP volunteers that something wasn’t quite right. He walked crookedly and strangely held his head and tail. His back legs also sank as he tried to stand to urinate. After seeing a vet, it was determined that Gunner had painful areas throughout his entire spine and both hips. It was also discovered that Gunner has a healed broken vertebrae in his neck that causes him to tilt his head permanently to the left. In addition, his bloodwork revealed stage 4 kidney failure. Gunner was started on antibiotics for a possible tick-borne disease and was treated with another drug for the suspected illness caused by a tick bite. His pain became much less problematic and his gait improved enormously.  Unfortunately, it was too late for Gunner’s kidney function to return after being treated for the tick-born disease, he remains in stage 4 chronic kidney failure so he was started on a kidney support diet which has improved his energy level. Lastly, thanks to Dr. Martin at Marketplace Animal Hospital, Gunner was neutered to relieve an enlarged prostate.  

It has been a long journey for Gunner. He has had to live in a crate, at the vet clinic, and in a run at a kennel the entire time he has been with KCREGAP during this ongoing treatment, but his life is now so much improved because he feels SO much better. He is too interested in cats to live safely in a house with feline friends but with easy-going dogs, Gunner enjoys canine companionship.  

KCREGAP is looking for someone willing to let Gunner live out the rest of his life in a home where he feels safe and has ALL the creature comforts such as big dog beds, soft blankies to snuggle in and rearrange, and maybe a couch to curl up on with someone who adores him. Gunner doesn’t act sick! He is so happy to feel better and even wants to romp around sometimes. He is awesome on a leash and in the backyard, loves people and is so very affectionate, oh, and speaking of love, Gunner LOVES his food!!  He will take his dry food as treats for doing good boy deeds and loves a kong stuffed with his special wet food that he can spend an hour licking to get every last morsel.  

PLEASE help us find an adopter or hospice foster for Gunner! He deserves a chance to experience a home of his own and spend the rest of however long he has with us in peace and comfort. You can contact us at information@kcregap.org with questions. Please share Gunner’s story so we can find him a loving place to land for the rest of his remaining days.