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Handsome Jayden
  • Jayden


Hi there, Jayden here! I’ve been in foster now for a while, you’ve seen me on the KC Greyhound Love page lots of times, I’m the Man of Mystery no one knows anything about! So now I figure it’s time everyone gets to know more about me!

Foster mom calls me a gentle giant….not sure what that means, but if it’s anything to do with being loved and giving love in return, then that’s me. Snuggling on a comfy bed is the best, though I must say that people have laps that are way too small, only a bit of me fits on at one time!

I also love to go on walks! My favorite is when we go to the park cos then I get to go for a walk AND ride in the car to get there! A lot of people there tell me I’m very handsome. Not sure what that means either but it sounds good.

Foster mom keeps a toy box at home where I find all kinds of things that make a noise. They’re so much fun to play with inside, I get every single one of them out so I can choose which one I want. So ok, I have to share with Malia and she can get a bit bossy, but that’s ok, I just love my life and everything in it, I just find another one!

So now I’m no longer I’m such a Man of Mystery, I hope you’ll come and visit me at meet’n’greets.