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Sweet Kimmee

Dog Info

Age 3 years
Sex female
Other Pets? cat safe


Sweet Kimmee

Cat Safe

3 years old

This beautiful small/medium girl is very affectionate and loves being with her humans. When she’s feeling especially snuggly, Kimmee will even climb onto her humans’ laps! While very loving, Kimmee is confident enough to spend periods of time by herself.

Kimmee is a fairly active pup. Two or three times a day she zooms around her yard at lightening speed. Kimmee also enjoys moderately paced walks and is getting really good on a leash. She loves playing with toys and chewing on “bones” made specially for dogs. Periods of calm and quiet are part of Kimmee’s days. She is a good napper during the day and sleeps through the night.

Kimmee is smart and likes to learn new things. She mastered carpeted stairs in no time. She knows that “potty” is outside. She is making progress toward learning basic commands, such as down and sit, and she understands that countertops are forbidden. More and more frequently she comes when called by her name. Kimmee has made progress toward learning which object she may chew and which are off limits. She very rarely barks.

Pictures don’t adequately capture Kimmee’s physical beauty. She has big brown eyes seemingly enhanced with eyeliner. Her peaches and cream fur is sleek, soft and shiny. She is so striking that passersby stop to comment and ask about her breed and characteristics. In response to the compliments she just wags and makes her happy face.

Kimmee gets along very well with the resident greyhound in her foster home and can likely live happily live with another canine companion. Because she is confident and human-centered, it is likely that she can also be an only dog, although she would have to build up to being left alone for hours at a time.

If you’re looking for an affectionate, active, smart, confident, and beautiful dog, maybe sweet Kimmee is the one for you!

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