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Darling Malia


Hi, this is Malia here! Someone on the KC Greyhound Love FB page commented on my photo that “I love my life”, and boy, do I ever (well, except for the bath!)!

Everything made me nervous to begin with, new people, different sounds and smells, a girl just didn’t know how to react. But y’know, it was all good stuff….a comfortable place to sleep, good food, lots of TLC, so it didn’t take me long to get used to it all and come back for more.

And I love going outside….especially if there’s someone there to rub my tummy or my neck, and tell me what a pretty girl I am!

We also go out for something called “a walk”, now THAT’S special! I get to sniff at all kinds of things – well, most of them! – and we go and go and go. There’s all kinds of things I want to visit on the way, some of them climb trees and others are on a leash just like me, only little (and they yap!), but I get talked out of that pretty quickly by my foster mom, she says I have squeaky toys in the toy box, whatever that means. I don’t mind as we get to walk further and there’s always more stuff to investigate.

Perhaps foster mom means the fuzzy things that I am allowed to run around with at home, and some of them make weird noises! Those ones seem to disappear after everyone goes to bed, but that’s ok, there’s always tomorrow with more of this life I love! It’s been so much fun, getting to know people who all seem to love me!