A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Dog Info

Age 18 Months
Sex Female


Phoenix, a small, classic greyhound beauty, has shiny red/gold fur with a stylish mohawk running up the back of her neck and expressively arched eyebrows. Her amber eyes are certainly camera ready, but they also give a glimpse into her soul. The mythical phoenix bird represents hope, rejuvenation, and renewal, especially in the face of adversity— precisely what one sees in the eyes of this real-life Phoenix. That is not surprising, perhaps, because Phoenix proudly wears a six inch scar on her back, testament to her healing from an injury.

Phoenix is healthy and happy—a survivor and a thriver! She is a confident dog who enjoys new experiences. Even her first encounter with a vacuum cleaner did not intimidate this girl!

There are several loves in Phoenix’s life. She loves collecting small pieces of clothing and household items (which she stores in her bed), mingling with other dogs, walks, food, playing with and collecting plush toys, and—very high on her list— the comfort of a soft bed. But most of all, she loves humans. She waves her long tail gleefully whether meeting a new friend or a familiar acquaintance. When her humans arrive home, her tail is like the baton of a crazed symphony conductor! Because she’s confident, Phoenix isn’t overly clingy, but there’s nothing Phoenix enjoys more than hanging out with her special people. She loves to snuggle while her people read or watch tv., but is also content to curl up in her bed and snooze when they need to work at the computer or make a meal.

Phoenix is house trained (no accidents!), sleeps through the night, climbs stairs like a mountaineer, and is learning to walk on a leash (although she pulls when distracted by squirrels). This remarkable girl doesn’t counter surf or beg for food and seldom barks. Phoenix is quite content spending much of her time lounging around. Because she is so people-centered, Phoenix would likely do well as an only dog.

If you’re seeking a classic greyhound who is happy, confident, and  loving, maybe Phoenix is the girl for you!


We adopt within 3 hours of Kansas City.