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Ripped Rip

Dog Info

Age 4
Sex male


Hello!!! It’s me again, Avatar (Rip-but I don’t know or go by that name anymore).  I need to update my status in my foster home:

I am doing just stellar!!!!  My foster family says I am just the best!!!  

I am excelling, if I do say so myself!!:):)  I am doing excellent with my housebreaking…I haven’t had an accident in weeks!!!!

If you are patient yet firm, I learn fast. Mom and Dad say that I am the “strong, sensitive” type and everyone I meet tells me how stunning I am!  Women tend to be exceptionally attracted to me:) and men think I am a “manly kind of guy”!  I personally don’t care….I LOVE EVERYBODY and affection is my jam!!!!!

My prey-drive is still very high, but Mom has been working with our trainer and they have come up with a collar that works very well for them and me so our walks are enjoyable and getting better all the time.  That said, the only other roommates (aside from humans) that I can live with are medium-large to large size dogs. I was bred and taught to hunt so that is what I know at this time. I do very well with my 3 foster siblings…I am submissive and gracious and have never shown any dominance or aggression.

My Dad loves to take me out into the yard and get me excited so I will do “Zoomies” around the entire parameter of the yard.  He and I both think this is a blast!!!  Then I am exhausted for the rest of the day/evening and sleep like I am in a coma (big shock for a Greyhound/Staghound).

Mom and Dad say that I am their “shadow” or “Velcro dog”….I like to be by your side in whatever room you are in and I am quite the snuggler.  I am truly a gentle giant and the sweetest guy you will ever meet.  I do not have a mean bone in my body!!!  

My foster family is getting very attached to me, so they say I need to find my forever home soon!!! FYI guys….I am a “chick magnet” :)

For the gals…I love to have lots of “quality snuggle time”:):) Do you have room in your home and hearts for a beautiful, smart, studdly, affectionate guy???  If so, I am your dude!!!

Following is a quick list Mom put together regarding my adoption requirements:


– Minimum 5′ fence

– Another Canine Companion (no small creatures)

– Humans that don’t work away from home more than 4-6 hours

-Someone that loves to snuggle and play

-No small children…I am just too big and sometimes don’t know my size