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Sweet Sister Sadie
  • Sadie


There’s nothing twisted about this sister! Sadie is as sweet as they come and she is ready to join your K-9 crew. She’s been the perfect house guest in her foster home, showering her pet parents and foster siblings with love and warm fuzzies…kinda like her fuzzy coat!

When Sadie’s not actively loving on her family, she’s content to sleep or just hang out. It’s not unusual for her to put in a full 10-11 hours before she needs a potty break and her foster mom proudly reports NO ACCIDENTS!

While Sadie is definitely a “people and pup person,” she probably shouldn’t share space with cats. She shows just a little too much interest in them, and will need a home that is Team Dog. Speaking of teams, Sadie needs at least one other doggie teammate to show her the ins and outs of being a pampered pooch.

If you’re ready to expand your pack or if you’ve considered adopting more than one grey at once (and let’s be honest–who hasn’t?), this is the girl you want. Expand your family with Sister Sadie today for brighter tomorrows.