A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Wonderful Willie


    Hello! Hello! Hello! I am Willie! How are you? I’m a big boy and I am so soft! You just HAVE to pet me! And pet me! And Pet ME!! See? I am so soft! And I am so big!

    Hi there! I’m Willie. I’m big. My foster dad says I am the very best size of big that there ever could be! I like that. What does that mean? I’ve only been here in this foster family for a few days. I am still looking around and learning about all the dog stuff.

    Hi! I’m Willie, you really want to pet me. Here. Let me put my head in your lap. There you go. You can pet me now. I love pets. I’m so soft. I can do stairs and slippery floors just fine. Here, you can pet me some more.

    I am not sure how to tell my foster parents that it’s time for me to go outside to do my business, but I’ve only been here for a short while and I wear a belly band to keep things easy to clean up. Wait! Don’t stop petting me! Here, let me help you sit back down in that comfy chair so that you can keep petting me. I’m so soft.

    I have an understanding with my foster sister, Echo. I’m bigger. She’s smaller. She says she’s in charge. I don’t care much unless she gets seriously grumpy. Girls can get that way you know, grumpy. That’s when you give them room and feed them chocolate- hooman girls anyway. Me? I don’t get grumpy because I am so soft and easy to pet. Pet me.

    Echo tells me that I can’t play with her toys. I guess that’s because I ate them up so quickly. My foster mom gave me a stuffed softie and before mom could finish her sandwich, I had torn those arm thingys off it and was working on the head. I still don’t know why they took it away. Oh well. Here, pet the other side of my neck now. I’m so soft!

    I like Nylabones. Echo doesn’t share those very well either. I guess I will need my foster family to get me my very own.

    When I first arrived I was so curious that foster mom had to initiate toddler safety protocols right away! I guess turning on the gas stove with my face and muzzle is considered dangerous. It’s a good thing she took those knobs off! I sure don’t want to do anything other than get pets. I am so soft.

    I like to run in the back yard. I will run with you. I will run with you while my head is attached to your hip. Foster dad said something about velcro and sticky. Not sure what he meant, but I was right there when he said it! I was right there. He wasn’t getting away from me. I was right there, waiting for those pets because you really want to pet me because I am so soft.

    So, my name is Willie and you want to pet me and I want you to be my forever home. See you soon!