A 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that finds forever, loving homes for retired Greyhound racing dogs in the Kansas City area.


Love Bug Wrigley

Dog Info

Age 3 1/2
Sex Male


HI. I am Wrigley. We haven’t met yet but I already love you and you are going to love me the instant we meet.
I may be the biggest and happiest greyhound ever. If you love how greyhounds lean look no further! If you pet me, I’ll lean in to soak up as much love as possible…but I may knock you over because I am bigger and taller than your average greyhound.
I haven’t been with my foster family long but I’ve settled in, finding all the toys and the softest beds. And I love the backyard! I love to roam, run, and say hi to all my new dog neighbors. Speaking of which, I love dogs of all sizes. I used to live with a small dog and we got along so well. I do need to live with another dog and I’d prefer a big one who is willing to play with me.
My foster family says that I’m learning all the house rules so fast that they can tell that I used to have a good and loving home and that they are sure I’ll settle in with my new forever family easily. My foster family also says they hope whoever adopts me will do a DNA test…they want to know if I’m part Great Dane!
Things to know about me.
  • I’m looking for a patient family that can correct and guide me gently. I shrink from even gentle discipline when I make a mistake.
  • Being crated is terrible for me…but I am learning to wear a muzzle when my foster family leaves home.
  • I am a large and powerful dog with lots of enthusiasm.
  • I am just learning to walk on a leash. I will need a family who can handle my physical power as I learn NOT to pull.
  • I need a large canine sibling or two.
  • I love to chew and know that I should stick to chewing on bones
  • I’m fast. I can bolt through an open door or out of a car in an instant.
  • I have a lot of energy and like to be active.
  • when I see something yummy I drool…a surprising amount!
I’m looking for a forever family to give all my love to. Could it be you?