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Awesome Ash

Dog Info

Age 14 months
Sex Female


“Energizer Bunny Meet Energizer Puppy”
Hi, my name is Ash (aka “Energizer Puppy”) . I am a little over a year old, smart, sweet, and lovable. I have a sleek black coat, slender body, long legs,  and soft dark eyes.  When you first see me, I may not “look” like a puppy to you, but I certainly still behave very much like a puppy.  I like to play a lot, and am fully charged with energy, fun, and love.  Playing with the 3 kids in my foster family in the backyard is so much fun, and sometimes I even play outside  by myself with my soccer ball.  I am very social and outgoing and love to go on daily walks to meet and greet new people and pups. I often seem to have a surplus of energy left over  before I am ready to wind down for the evening to snuggle with my foster family and older fur foster sister, Sage, who I adore.   What I need and am missing is a fur playmate who lives in the home with me who I can run zoomies with and have some dog play time when needed.  Do you have a pup in your home needing a fur playmate, too?  I can help with that!