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“Extraordinary Joe”

Dog Info

Age 9 years
Sex male


“Extraordinary Joe”

Hi, my name is Joe, and I am anything but an “Average Joe.”  I am extradordinary!  Here’s what my foster mom says about me after only being in her home a few days…Joe gets along well with our other pups roaming with them in the backyard with spontaneous prancing and tail wagging.  Despite his size, Joe is the easiest greyhound I’ve ever walked.  He is just happy to calmly walk next to me.  He eats well and shows no food aggression at all.  Joe LOVES affection and is thrilled when someone sits down to pet him. I can tell Joe has much more fun personality waiting to share.  What do YOU think? Am I extradordinary or not?  I would love to meet you so you can decide for yourself!